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Does the hotel come with housekeeping?
Yes, it does, unless otherwise stated.
Does the hotel offer bathroom amenities, such as towel, shampoo, rinse, soap and shaver?
Every room is equipped with basic bathroom amenities. Others are provided for free at the front desk.


How do I make a reservation?
Making a reservation is easy. Room availability and prices can be found easily via the search box (on the right). Simply book a room. Then follow the instructions.
When is my booking confirmed?
As soon as you have completed your online reservation, a booking confirmation will be sent to the email address provided. The confirmation includes your booking number, your stay dates, room rate and all other details about your reservation. This means your reservation is successfully completed.
When do I pay for my booking?
Please pay for your stay at check-in by credit card or in cash (Japanese yen). Credit cards from VISA, American Express, MasterCard and JCB are accepted.
Does the hotel need a deposit or payment in advance? 
No advance payment or deposit is required. All payments for your stay are to be made at the hotel upon arrival.
Do I need to provide my credit card details to guarantee my booking?
Credit card information is required when booking a room. However, please pay for your stay at check-in by credit card or in cash (Japanese yen). Credit cards from VISA, American Express, MasterCard and JCB are accepted.
What are the cancellation policies?
24 hours prior to arrival date = 20% of 1 night at confirmed rate
Arrival Day = 80% of 1 night at confirmed rate
No Show = 100% of 1 night at confirmed rate
Early Check Out: notify the front desk by 10 am on departure day (no charge).
Note: The cancellation policy also applies to reservation changes due to weather- or traffic-related delays or problems.
Is it possible to cancel or change a reservation that I made online?
Yes, just follow the instructions in your Booking Confirmation e-mail. Please review the cancellation policies before canceling your reservation.
How do I make amendments to my reservation after check-in?
The front desk accepts requests to change your reservation. If shortening your stay, our cancellation policy may apply. Please check the cancellation policy. If extending your stay, standard rates may apply if the reservation extension is not done online.
How far ahead can I book before my planned arrival date?
You can book up to six months in advance, but please be sure to remember you have made the reservation, or our cancellation policy will apply.
Can I reserve two adjoining rooms?
We will make an effort to meet your requests, but we cannot guarantee availability.


Do children stay free?
Children aged six and under stay free if they share the existing bed with parents. Unfortunately, no baby cots or additional bedding are available. Children aged 7 and older are charged at the adult rate. Please include them in the number entered in the No. of Adults box when making online reservations.
Will the hotel keep luggage if I arrive before the check-in time?
Yes, we can keep your luggage if you arrive before your room is ready. (Some hotels have limited front desk hours. Please review them beforehand.)
I would like to buy an item online and have it shipped to the hotel. Will the hotel accept its receipt?
Yes, however we ask that you include the following information on the address label of the package:
1.Your name as it appears in your reservation:
2.Your reservation number:
3.Your check-in date:
With the above information on your delivery ticket, your package can be identified at our reception. Also, please specify a delivery time within our front desk hours.(Some hotels have limited front desk hours.)
Please arrange for the delivery to be made on your arrival date.
Large shipments may be be refused due to limited storage space. Please note that the hotel will not accept cash on delivery (C.O.D.) shipments.
We are not able to accommodate valuables, refrigerated or frozen goods.
Can I use an electric appliance that I bought outside of Japan?
Electricity in Japan is 100 volts at 50 Hertz.
If you have a device that does not accept that voltage, you will need a voltage converter or a plug adapter. Unfortunately, we do not have converters or plug adapters available for rent.
What is the best train route from my hotel to my destination?
Click here. This site will give you the train route with the shortest estimated travel time.
What is the exchange rate?
Click here for today's exchange rate. The link is for reference purposes only, as exchange rates fluctuate daily.
Is my personal information safe and secure via your website?
We are committed to protecting your personal information and maintaining your privacy. Please view our Privacy Policy to learn more.
Do you have English TV channels?
Yes, some of our properties provide pay TV channels, and others feature video on demand with English content. However, English news programs are not available.
What is "video on demand?”
Video on demand gives you personalized viewing not possible with pay-per-view services. You can pause, play, fast-forward, and rewind your entertainment selection. In other words, you have total control over what you watch and how you watch it. Most importantly, you also have complete control over when you watch. There is no need to wait for a set time to watch a movie; just hit the play button when you are ready. This feature gives you access to a wide array of feature films, including newly released movies. Some of the movies available are in English. The service also offers a selection of adult films.


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