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Akakura Onsen
An exquisite curative bath

Akakura Onsen waters are known as a ""natural skin lotion"" for bringing out beautiful skin.

"This is the largest hot spring resort in the Myoko Kogen hot spring region, the resort dates back to 1816 and celebrated its 200th anniversary in 2016.
The onsen baths combine a sulphate and bicarbonate salt spring which are said to be effective for arteriosclerosis and chronic skin diseases as well as the usual stiffness, aches and pains that are soothed by the hot pools. The waters are known as a ""natural skin lotion"" for bringing out beautiful skin. The waters emerge from the source at Mt. Myoko to the north of the Jigokudani valley at temperatures of 40 to 60°C but are adjusted to an exquisite 42°C for the curative baths.
The main street is lined with souvenir shops, bars, cafés and restaurants and there is always the hot spring baths or foot-bath park for relaxing. The red yakisoba noodles are a local gourmet speciality. The rich colors of vegetables harvested on the high plains make for a sumptuous selection of noodle varieties.
There are many points of interest sightly further afield including stunning views from the Myoko Kogen Sky Cable, the 55 m high Naena Waterfall and quiet countryside of Sasagamine
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  • 585-1 Akakura, Myoko-shi,Niigata 949-2111
  • Website
  • 10 min by car from Myoko Kogen station on the Kita Shinano line

Around Akakura Onsen

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