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Hasunuma Seaside Park
Filled with attractions in nature of Kujukurihama Beach

Offer a variety of facilities for everyone to become refreshed through exercise.

This is a major sports and leisure park neighboring Kujukurihama Beach. The venue is filled with amusement facilities enjoyed by adults as well as children, such as the water garden, miniature amusement park, tennis courts, baseball field and other such sports facilities.
 The most popular facility during summer is the “Hasunuma Water Garden”. The large pool is of the largest scale in Chiba Prefecture, with a size that equals one and half times that of Tokyo Dome. The park features 16 types of pools, including the “Aqua Climbing Wall” and others. There is free movement between the park and the ocean, as it is located next to Kujukurihama Beach.
 The miniature train in the park boasts the longest line in Japan (2.1 km) and can be boarded in the “Children’s Square” (Kodomono Hiroba). There are attractive features that amuse adults and children alike, such as a collection of strange bicycles and go-cart driven on a course of 820 meters. Tennis courts include 20 “Artificial Turf Courts with Sand” that reduces the burden on your legs and hips, which comprise the largest scale of its kind in Chiba Prefecture. The park also features a Park Golf Course, hard-rubber baseball park, soccer field, gymnasium and the like to offer a variety of facilities for everyone to become refreshed through exercise.
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  • 368-1 Ho, Hasunuma,Sanmu-shi, Chiba 289-1803
  • Website
  • Approx 20 min by circular route bus or taxi from Yokoshiba Station on JR Line.

Around Hasunuma Seaside Park

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