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Nasu Rindoko Lake View
Amusement park on a made lake

Amusement park on a man-made lake with someone for everyone

Nasu Rindoko Lake View is an amusement park centered on the beautiful artificial lake of Rindoko in the Nasu Highlands.
While it is primarily targeted at young children and families, Nasu Rindoko Lake View can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
Nasu Rindoko Lake View offers many attractions, and it would be difficult to enjoy them all to their fullest, but the greatest attraction is of course the lake itself. You can rent a pedal boat and enjoy the park and the natural scenery, take a boat tour, or try your hand at zip-lining across the lake! At night, both the tour boats and Nasu Rindoko Lake View are beautifully illuminated in an array of colors, and in summer you can even enjoy a fireworks display.
There’s plenty here for kids and families to enjoy, too! With pottery classes and places where you can pet the animals, Nasu Rindoko Lake View is jam-packed with hands-on activities tailor-made to be accessible to even young children.
From confectionery-making and candle-making to a zip-line activity and go-carting, Nasu Rindoko Lake View has no end of delightful activities that will satisfy anyone.
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  • 414-2 Takakuhei,Nasu-machi, Nasu-gun,Tochigi 325-0397
  • Website
  • 10 min from the Tohoku Expressway Nasukougen smart I.C.

Around Nasu Rindoko Lake View

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