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Shiroyama Observatory
A spot for viewing the nighttime landscape, with a view of Sakurajima as well.

This is also a popular site for strolling, with over 600 species of plants growing wild along the route.

An observatory on a small hill located in the center of town at an altitude of 107 meters. The observation platform offers a sweeping view of Sakurajima, Kinkouwan Bay and the Kagoshima City area, and in good weather you can see as far as Kirishima, or Mt. Kaimon in Ibusuki. It’s a place of recreation and relaxation for city residents, where people can enjoy a stroll on the promenade as well. This is a popular tourist destination, and a spot to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view.
A lot of people visit the site for the nighttime landscape, since the path leading up to the observatory is bright and safe even at night. The view of Sakurajima’s silhouette beyond the twinkling lights of the city can only be seen from here. Sakurajima shines more beautifully at dusk, or on nights when the moon is bright, rather than when it’s completely dark.
The site is also a treasure trove of nature with over 600 species of tropical and subtropical plants growing wild, like tall camphor trees, ferns, and coral trees, among many others. Conversely, this was also where the fierce final battles of the Satsuma rebellion occurred, and where Takamori Saigo met his end. There are several historical sites associated with Satsuma Rebellion, such as the Saigo Cave and the site of Saigo’s demise.
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  • 22-13 Shiroyamacho, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima 892-0853
  • 15 min by car from JR Kagoshima Chuo Station

Around Shiroyama Observatory

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