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【MYSTAYS Shin Urayasu Conference Center】Information regarding shuttle bus service on 3rd, February 2019

January 16, 2019
MYSTAYS Shin Urayasu Conference Center
Thank you for your patronage of MYSTAYS Shin Urayasu Conference Center.
Due to the 28th Tokyo Bay Urayasu City Marathon, use of roads in the area will be restricted.
There is expected to be confusion on the roads as a result of the traffic restrictions near our hotel, and so there may be traffic jams between the hotel and Disney Resort.
If you are traveling by car, please make sure you have enough time when you arrive and leave.

Date :
7:40 am–12:00 pm,  3rd(Sun), February 2019

Shuttle Bus : 
■ Morning service (from the hotel to Maihama Station)
* This normally goes by Disney Resort, but as traffic will be stopped, the bus will only go as far as Maihama Station.
* Depending on the circumstances, times and departure/arrival locations may change.

* For advance information of road restrictions, please consult the Urayasu City website or the website of the 28th Tokyo Bay Urayasu City Marathon.
*Any other questions, please contact the hotel directly.

For any further details:

Call us at: +81-47-709-1600

Visit the Hotel Page:

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