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Measures to Prevent the Spread of the Novel Coronavirus

July 21, 2020
Dear Guests

Thank you for your continued patronage of MYSTAYS Hotel Group.

Our Group has been taking various preventative measures against the spread of the novel coronavirus infection. In order to allow our guests, including those who will have more opportunities to stay in hotels thanks to the Go To Travel campaign going forward, to enjoy a safe and pleasant stay, we will be continuing to take the following steps to prioritize the health and safety of our customers and our employees.

● Measures at the hotel front desks
 • Acrylic screens have been set up at the front desk in order to prevent droplets that spread the virus
 • When staff interact with customers, a certain distance should be kept between them
 • In order to reduce close contact, the number of customers who are served at any given time should be limited, and both staff and customers should maintain proper social distancing
 • Front desk equipment and the like, such as ballpens and desk mats, should be regularly disinfected
 • If a guest, during their stay, develops a fever of 37.5°C or higher, or has cold-like symptoms or respiratory symptoms (such as a cough), promptly contact a public health center and take appropriate action following the health center’s instructions

● Measures in guest rooms
 • Rooms are cleaned and sterilized
 • Slippers for guests’ use are cleaned and sterilized (in some hotels/rooms, disposable slippers are used)
 • Rooms are thoroughly ventilated

● Measures in other hotel facilities such as restaurants, communal baths, banquet halls, etc.
 • Alcohol-based disinfectant is made available in the facilities
 • The facilities are ventilated regularly
 • Seats are arranged to maintain social distance, and other measures are being taken to prevent close contact, such as limiting the number of users and usage time
 • As necessary, the facilities are closed or subject to reduced opening hours, or events are canceled
 • Hotels have either temporarily halted buffet-style food service or amended the manner in which food is provided
 • In the event of buffet-style food service being provided, serving tongs and chopsticks, server spoons, ladles and so on are changed out regularly, or food is served by staff members

● Measures in other communal areas
 • Handles, doorknobs, elevator buttons, and other items that are touched by an unspecified number of people are disinfected frequently
 • Hand sanitizer is made available in the restrooms

● Staff measures
 • All hotel staff are required to follow thorough handwashing procedures, use alcohol-based disinfectant, wear masks, and observe coughing etiquette
 • Staff members are subject to daily temperature-taking

● A request to customers
 • Customers are requested to observe thorough handwashing procedures, use alcohol-based disinfectant, and observe coughing etiquette.
 • At check-in, all travelers are requested to allow us to take their temperatures by means of a contact-free thermometer.
 • At check-in, you are requested to present some form of ID to allow us to confirm your identity.
 • In order to comply with epidemiological surveys conducted by the public health centers that require information on lodgers, we request that you provide accurate information when writing your details in the hotel register.
 • If you experience a fever or respiratory symptoms such as coughing, make sure to notify the front desk promptly.
• The Japan Tourism Agency has issued an announcement indicating that certain types of travel, such as group travel by young people, group travel by elderly people who are more likely to develop severe symptoms, and travel that involves banquets with large numbers of people, are generally more likely to pose a risk of spreading infection, and should therefore be avoided. Travelers who fall within any of these categories are requested to take particular care to comply with counter-infection measures. 

 Details regarding the operating circumstances of our various facilities will be provided in red-colored messages near the top of the page for each hotel within this website. You can check those webpages, or contact your hotel directly. 
 We will also notify you via this website once details have been determined regarding the restoration of normal business operations.
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