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Chubu Centrair International Airport
The entrance to the skies over Chubu, an airport packed with entertainment on the sea

An ideal leisure spot, featuring an impressive observation deck, airplane displays, and much more

With its extensive airline network, Chubu Centrair International Airport acts as the gateway to the skies over the Chubu region. This international airport opened in 2005 on an artificial island in the Ise Bay located some 1.5 km off the coast of Tokoname, Aichi. The airport has a reputation for smooth flight connections, with international and domestic flights departing and arriving from the same terminal. A feature of the airport’s design lies in its unwavering pursuit of user convenience. The airport also features a wide range of dining and shopping options, complete with local Nagoya specialties and souvenirs.

Centrair is also a popular leisure destination, and is packed with entertainment options. The sky deck is located some 300 meters from the runway, and provides stunning close-up views of airplanes taking off and landing. As the sun recedes from view, the airport offers brilliant views of the setting sun over Ise Bay, which makes way for a beautiful array of airport lights coloring the night sky. The “FLIGHT OF DREAMS” multiplex’s main attraction is a massive exhibition of the first Boeing 787. Other attractions include, the chance to have a genuine flight simulator experience, and the “SEATTLE TERRACE” commercial area modeled on the city of Seattle, the city where Boeing was founded. The airport also plays host to once-off seasonal events and exhibitions, attracting large numbers of people. You’ll definitely want to take the time to take all this airport has to offer in.
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  • 1-1 Centrair, Tokoname-shi, Aichi 479-0881 Japan
  • • Short walk from the Meitetsu Central Japan International Airport Station
    • 2 minutes from the Centrair-higashi IC off the Central Japan International Airport Connecting Road
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