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Scene 1

Enjoy the hot spring in your room

Stay in a guest room with a hot spring where you can enjoy the best of the hot spring at your leisure.
Enjoy hours of comfort with family or friends, or as a couple, on a relaxing trip.

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Scene 2

Hot springs with spectacular views

As the seasons change, so to does the spiritual Mt. Fuji, the endless blue sea, and the sparkling night view.
Enjoy hot springs along with spectacular views that can only be seen in this area.

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Scene 3

Relaxing private hot springs

Recommended private baths for those who want to relax and enjoy a hot spring trip without worrying about their surroundings.
Families with babies and small children can enjoy the hot springs together with peace of mind.

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Scene 4

Outdoor hot spring with a sense of openness

The outdoor baths offer a luxurious experience while feeling the breeze.
You can fully enjoy the changing of the seasons and high-quality hot springs.

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Scene 5

Enjoy the sauna and hot springs

Some hotels offer not only hot springs but also saunas.
Enjoy a luxurious hotel stay to condition your body and mind in the sauna and then further relax in the hot springs.

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Great memories at MYSTAYS Hotel Group.

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