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From Hokkaido to Okinawa, you’ll find our hotels all across Japan.
We offer a variety of price ranges and concept hotels to suit your travel needs.


These hotels can be found in famous hot spring spots across Japan and in areas surrounded by abundant nature, allowing guests to truly experience unique local flavor. We have a range of rooms, friendly staff, and sincere service.

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In addition to lodging, this brand of hotels offers restaurants and a variety of services for celebrating important life events such as weddings, entering school, one’s 60th birthday, etc. We look forward to providing the best service and experiences unique to the area.

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While our hotels are mainly aimed at a pleasant stay, they also offer a premier atmosphere. Enjoy a bit of luxury thanks to our quality services and convenient, spacious rooms.

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These hotels, located all across Japan from central areas to the suburbs, are designed specifically for a pleasant stay. We offer a comfortable stay to each and every guest with clean spaces, full amenities, and reliable service.

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Mystays Collection

These hotels are perfect for families and friends seeing the sights from Hokkaido to Okinawa.
Our collection of unique hotels offer the chance to casually get away from the daily grind at hot spring spots, beach resorts, etc.

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Stop in for just one night or stay for an extended period of time at this versatile hotel. Rooms are equipped with facilities such as a kitchenette and appliances.

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This cube-shaped lodging facility is designed for a good night’s rest. In addition to separate men’s and women’s floors and comfortable designs, guests can feel safe here with lockable luggage storage, etc.

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