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Best Price Guarantee

Reservations from the MyStays Official Site offer the best deals.

After making a reservation at the MyStays Official Site (hereinafter, “the MyStays Website”), if you find a lower price on another online reservation site, please apply using the following method. Once we confirm the lower price, we will offer you a reservation at an additional 10% off the price listed on the other reservation site.

[Eligibility] When confirming a lower price on another online reservation site within 3 hours of making the reservation on the MyStays Website.

[Application Period] Within 24 hours after making a reservation on the MyStays Website (Same-day reservations are not eligible)

[Conditions] Same conditions as the MyStays Website. You cannot cancel the reservation from the MyStays Website.
* Refer Step 01 below for details.
Apply using these 3 steps.
Prepare the necessary items to apply.
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□ Reservation Number of the reservation made at the MyStays Website.
□ Screenshot which shows the total amount including consumption tax and service charge confirmed on another website, etc.


• The same hotel
• The same plan (deals, amenities, services, etc.)
• Compared with the total including consumption tax and service charge
• The same guest room type and grade
• The same number of people (including adults, children and infants)
• The same number of nights (same date of arrival and departure)
• The same check-in and check-out times
• The same payment method (onsite payment, advance payment, etc.)
• The same cancellation conditions (advance payment, cancellation not possible, changes not possible, etc.)

[Prices which cannot be compared]

• Prices not disclosed to the general public, such as special prices offered for corporate contracts, service and benefit programs, or specific organizations
• Prices with no hotel involvement, such as publicly offered package trip prices sold by travel agencies, etc.
• Prices from sites such as online auctions or group purchases
• Prices which change due to exchange rates, such as those displayed in foreign currencies
• Campaign prices for individual travel agencies (including cases such as redeeming benefits including points and coupons, or receiving support)
• Prices for reservations not available online, such as reservations only available over the phone
• Package tour prices which include items such as facilities and public transportation in addition to lodgings
Apply using the application form.
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Enter “Best Price Guarantee.”

Enter your reservation number and the name of the comparison site.

Attach a screenshot here.

To the Application Form

[Additional notes]

  • • Submit a screenshot that displays the name of the other website and the price including consumption tax and service charge.
  • • Attach a screenshot of the price in Japanese Yen.
  • • If you apply without filling in the necessary fields or attaching the necessary documents, we may not be able to respond to your request.
We will reply to you within 1 business day (excluding weekends, holidays, Golden Week, and New Years’ Holidays).

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