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Best Price Guarantee offers you the best online price guaranteed.

If you find a lower price, we will not only match it, we will offer you a 10% lower rate than that offered on the site you have shown us.
Just follow these three easy steps:
Check what you need when applying.
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We guarantee that the hotel rates shown on MYSTAY HOTEL MANAGEMENT’s official website are the best available prices—lower than can be found via any other website.

  • Discrepancy with our “best-price guarantee”:

    If, within 3 hours of making a booking on MyStays’ official site, you find the same accommodations with the same conditions available through a third-party website at a lower price, please let us know within 24 hours after your booking. Once we have confirmed that this is indeed the case, we will offer a 10% lower rate than that offered on the site you have shown us.

  • How to communicate a price discrepancy

    Within 24 hours after making a reservation on our official site, apply by using the form provided via the link here.

≪ What you need when applying ≫

  • □ A document showing your reservation number to verify your reservation on MYSTAYS’ official site

  • □ An attached printout or screen capture of the other site showing the lower price

  • □ Do not cancel your reservation.

  • □ The indicated accommodation must meet the same conditions, as outlined below.

    Note: For the guarantee to apply, you must contact us at least 24 hours prior to your check-in.

    When applying:

    Please be sure to write your subject as "Best-Price Guarantee" & all information needed.

  • MYSTAYS Best Price Guarantee

[ Same conditions ]

  • The same hotel

  • The same plan (privileges, amenities, additional services, etc.)

  • The rates should both be inclusive of consumption taxes and any service charges

  • The same type and grade of room

  • The same number of people using the accommodation (including adults, children and infants)

  • The same accommodation date (arrival date, departure date)

  • The same check-in and check-out times

  • The same payment method (payable in cash on location, prepayment, etc.)

  • Cancellation conditions (pre-cancellation, non-cancellation, non-changeable, etc.)

[ Rates that are not applicable ]

  • Rates that are not available to the general public, such as special rates for corporate agreements, welfare programs, specified organizations, etc.

  • Rates that hotels cannot match, such as those on package tours sold by travel agencies

  • Rates from internet auctions, joint purchases, etc.

  • Rates shown in foreign currencies that fluctuate with exchange rates

  • Travel agency campaign offerings (such as through point or coupon offerings, or sponsored plans)

  • Rates not available when reserving via a website, such as when reservations are only accepted by telephone

  • Rates on packages that include items other than lodging, such as the use of other non-hotel facilities or means of transportation

[ Important notes ]

  • The comparison rate must be found within three hours after making a reservation on our official site.

  • You must apply for our price guarantee within 24 hours of making a reservation on our official site and by the day before your check-in date.

  • Best prices shown on our official site are inclusive of consumption tax and service charges. When you apply, be sure to send a copy of the screen showing rates that are also inclusive of consumption tax and service charges.

  • For any rates in foreign currencies, please be sure to send us a copy of the screen showing the rate in Japanese yen.

  • Applications not including the necessary items and attachments may be declared invalid.

  • Please be aware that the terms and conditions of our Best-Price Guarantee are subject to change without notice.

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