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Iwate Museum of Art
A quiet museum tucked away in a corner of Morioka City’s Chuo Park.

Browse a wide collection of exhibits from creators with ties to Iwate as well as specially planned exhibits.

Just 20 minutes on foot and across the Shizukuishi River from Morioka Station lies Morioka City’s Chuo Park. In the southeast corner of this vast park you’ll find the Iwate Museum of Art. The museum’s Grand Gallery is a large, gently curving space that stretches north and south to serve as the framework of the facility. The architectural design of the museum, which wraps around the edge of the park and opens toward the magnificent Mt. Iwate in the distance, is an attraction in itself.
The museum collection consists mainly of works from modern Iwate artists including Tetsugoro Yorozu, Shunsuke Matsumoto, and Yasutake Funakoshi. The permanent collection also features paintings, sculptures, and craftworks from currently active artists. Iwate Museum of Art also hosts special events such as art cinema screenings and concerts. Those who join the Art Museum Walk Tour will not only learn about the museum’s architectural features and unique facilities but also see the reverse side of the museum—the side not usually seen by visitors.
At Gallerina, the museum shop with striking white design, visitors can purchase books, picture post cards, and other museum-related goods. The museum restaurant also serves Western cuisine made with Iwate-grown ingredients, served up in the bright sunshine of the park. If you’re looking to enjoy a relaxed moment of artistic appreciation, the Iwate Museum of Art is an ideal, comfortable destination.
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  • 12-3 Matsuhaba, Motomiya, Morioka City, Iwate 020-0866
  • Website
  • 20 mins walk from JR Morioka Station’s West Gate,

Around Iwate Museum of Art

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