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Hitachi Seaside Park
An urban park with a refreshing sea breeze blowing against a sea of flowers and green

The park’s appearance is distinct to the season, with nemophila blooming in spring, and kochia in autumn. This large park can be enjoyed in countless ways

On the Pacific coast in Hitachinaka City in Ibaraki lies the expansive Hitachi Seaside Park, which spans some 215 hectares. One of its main attractions is the large flower fields scattered about the park, colored brilliantly by seasonal flowers in bloom. The panoramic views in spring are particularly special, with one million daffodils of around 500 varieties, tulips blooming in vibrant color, and around 5.3 million nemophilas transforming the park into a sea of blue as far as the eye can see. In summer, fluffy green kochia (broom grass), vivid zinnias, and cheery sunflower glisten in the summer sun. When an autumnal tint comes to the kochia leaves, the view on Miharashi no Oka Hill turns to the bright red of autumn. The distinctive seasonal attractions do not stop there, with ice tulips in bloom in winter, along with a massive outline of the Zodiac, consisting of an arrangement of grass and flowers.

In addition to walking through Hitachi Seaside Park to take in the magnificent views of the flowers in bloom, many other enjoyable activities await you at the park. You could spend the entire day visiting the Pleasure Garden, the flower and greenery amusement park with over 25 attractions including a large Ferris wheel offering magnificent views 100 meters above sea level, Miharashi no Oka Hill, which gives off a rustic charm of a nostalgic village complete with old houses and rice fields, the Forested Area with forest bathing, and a Grassland Area, featuring an athletics ground and BBQ plaza. To really see it all, we recommend renting a bicycle or hopping aboard the seaside train to cover the massive expanse of the park. Hands-on craft experiences and seasonal events are held regularly, so be sure to come and check it out.
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  • 605-4 Onuma-aza, Mawatari, Hitachinaka-shi, Ibaraki 312-0012
  • • 15 minutes by Ibaraki public bus (heading toward Kaihinkouen) from JR Katsuta Station. Get off at Kaihinkouen Nishiguchi or Kaihinkouen Minamiguchi (The park is located nearby.)
    • 1 minute from the Hitachi Seaside Park IC on the Hitachinaka Toll Road
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