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Mt. Mitake
Enjoy bountiful greenery in nature
just one hour from the heart of Tokyo

Mt. Mitake is a perennially popular hiking spot, featuring a treasure trove of wild birds, insects and plants

Mt. Mitake has long been revered as a sacred mountain. Located just one hour from central Tokyo, Mt. Mitake is popular among young and old alike for its accessibility. Upstream of Tamagawa River is the Mitake Gorge, a prime scenic spot listed as one of the Select Best Waters of Japan. This gorge is renowned for its natural beauty, and is flocked by throngs of people seeking to catch a glimpse of the fresh greenery in early summer or the red tint of autumnal leaves in autumn. This is also known as a prime canoeing and fishing spot, and is packed with people enjoying rafting, bouldering, and other outdoor activities.

Mt. Mitake has a height of 929 meters, and is fully fitted with cable cars and mountain paths for your hiking enjoyment. The mountain offers a number of spectacular views, including the magnificent Nagaodaira viewing platform, the Nanayo no Taki Falls, an eight-tiered waterfall of varying sizes, and the Rock Garden, featuring breathtaking views of the clear water stream flowing between rocks seeped in moss. At the mountain peak lies the Musashi-Mitake Jinja Shrine, which enshrines a god that wards off theft and evil spirits, and protects harvests. This is known as “Oinusama,” taking after the Japanese wolf, a guardian deity. Recently, this shrine has become a popular destination for dog owners praying for the good health of their pet companions. Once the sun falls below the horizon, the Tokyo night sky comes into view, with Shinjuku highrise buildings and the Tokyo Skytree visible off into the distance.

Visitors to the area can enjoy a leisurely walk down the 4 km promenade stretch on both sides of the Tamagawa River centered around Mitake Station on the JR Ome Line. The three museums and sake brewery in the area are also must see destinations. Enjoy the very best that nature has to offer in a setting that you will have a hard time believing is still in Tokyo.
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  • Mitakesan, Ome-shi, Tokyo 198-0175 Japan
  • 10 minutes from JR Mitake Station heading toward Mitake Tozan Railway Takimoto Sta. Stop on the Nishitokyo bus. Get off at the last stop and take the Mitake Tozan Railway cable car for 6 minutes to the Mitakesan Station. Getting to the peak takes about 30 minutes on foot. 40 minutes from the Hinode IC on the Ken-O Expressway via Metropolitan Route 45
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