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Nakasu Area
Bars and restaurants in street

Riverside street with bars, restaurants and outdoor seating

Nakasu Area is a little split of land between the Naka and Hakata rivers of Fukuoka, with bridges on either side connecting it to adjacent neighborhoods. The name Nakasu translates rather fittingly to "the island in the middle”. A unique feature to Fukuoka City, it is famed for both its amazing food – which you can find within the numerous restaurants and yatai – and as a red light district.
The Nakasu Area and its bridges date back to the 17th century, when Nagamasa Kuroda, Fukuoka’s first feudal lord, built two bridges to connect the lands on either side of the island. As time went on, the area was developed into an entertainment district and has even been home to several cultural movements involving literature, art, and cinema. Of the many structures, the Fukuhaku Deai Bridge is notable, as it offers some great views of the many neon signs in the area.
Whether you visit the area during the day or at night, you’ll find the Nakasu Area to be exceptionally safe and inviting. During the day, the area offers entertainment, shopping, and food. Lit up at night with neon lights and filled with visitors, the island comes alive and has something for everyone. Approximately 60,000 people visit the island each day to enjoy food, culture, and entertainment.
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  • Hakata-ku,Fukuoka-shi,Fukuoka 810-0801
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Around Nakasu Area

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