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Ozasa Farm
One of the few highland milk farms in Japan

A popular tourist destination where visitors can interact with animals and enjoy delicious food while surrounded by the great outdoors

As you ascend north while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Nikko Kirifuri Plateau and the Nikko Mountains, the end of the road is Ozasa Farm, a far-famed resort ranch in the clouds. In this highland ranch surrounded by nature where you can enjoy the clean mountain air and the beauty of the four seasons, some 300 cattle roam freely across a vast area of 362 hectares (roughly 77 times the size of Tokyo Dome). Ozasa Farm is also one of very few places in Japan where Brown Swiss cattle are raised. Truly, this is the only place you’re ever likely to find milk and other dairy products like these, which utilize the richness and gentle sweetness brought about by the high levels of milk fat (4%) and nonfat solids (9%). The most popular is the soft-serve ice cream, but you can also buy butter, cheese, yogurt, and more.

The ranch also has a range of lunch options, such as the barbecue garden with its outdoor tables, the Brown Swiss beef yakiniku house, and Ozasa Farm’s famous Genghis Khan house where you can enjoy thick cuts of tender lamb meat. At the food workshop you can try your hand at making your own ice cream and butter. Other fun activities guaranteed to put a smile on your children’s faces include horseback-riding, animal-feeding, athletics, and more! Come winter, you can also enjoy the snowmobile experience, driving out over a world of white. The attached auto campground, with power supply, allows camping amateurs to comfortably enjoy their first outdoor experience.
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  • 3405 Ozasahara, Senoo, Nikko-shi, Tochigi 321-2792
  • Website
  • About 30 minutes by car on the Kirifuri Kogen Road from Nikko IC on the Nikko-Utsunomiya Road
    About 40 minutes by Tobu Bus from Nikko Station on the JR and Tobu lines

Around Ozasa Farm

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