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Toden Arakawa Line
Tokyo's last historic tramway

The last line of Tokyo's old tramway off-the-beaten-track

The Tokyo Toden was part of the initial streetcar-tram network in Tokyo City. Tokyo was once covered in streetcar lines, but with the arrival of the automobile, travel by streetcar went out of style. Of all the lines that originally existed, only the Toden Arakawa Line remains as a remnant of Tokyo’s transport past.

Dating back as far as 1913, the Tokyo Toden Street Car system once covered 213 kilometers of track across 41 routes. In the 1960s, the network was all but closed down; thankfully, local opposition stopped its complete removal and the Toden Arakawa Line was saved.
The Toden Arakawa Line runs through the northern and eastern sections of Tokyo, away from major tourist sites and areas. The Tokyo tourist attractions along the Toden Arakawa Line Streetcar route are the sort you would otherwise not see if you stuck to the main tourist strips. Points of interest include Koganji Temple, Zoshigaya Cemetery, and Waseda University. The main appeal of this line, however, is the ride itself. A unique way to see Tokyo, this single remaining streetcar is a piece of history and a great addition to any visit to the capital.
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  • Arakawa, Tokyo

Around Toden Arakawa Line

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