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An awe-inspiring scenic spot of rough waves crashing into a precipitous cliff

One of Hokuriku’s best tourist spots offering views of a geological formation rarely seen in the world

Tojinbo is a scenic spot and natural monument located in Echizen-Kaga Kaigan Quasi-National Park. Featuring a 1 km-long stretch of precipitous cliffs carved out of the landscape by the rough seas pounding the coast from the Sea of Japan, this scenic spot is one of the highlights of Hokuriku. With a cliff face that rises over 20 meters, peering over the sheer precipice can cause your legs to buckle. The rough waves from the Sea of Japan crashing into the cliff wall is sure to leave a dynamic impression that will stick with you. In winter, the sea spray breaking against the cliff freezes into white bubbles in the air, sometimes giving a glimpse of “wave flowers.”

Tojinbo was first formed some 13 million years ago. The magma that rose to the surface cooled and hardened, a process which gave way to columns of rock which then protruded out of the earth’s surface by crustal movements to eventually form what we see today over an extremely long period of time. These columnar joints of pyroxene andesite (collections of pentagonal or hexagonal-shaped rock columns) are rare geological formation said to be seen in only three places on earth, the other two being Mt. Kumgang in the Korean Peninsula and the west coast of Norway in the Scandinavian Peninsula.

The view of Tojinbo from the sea is awe-inspiring. A cruise on a Tojinbo sightseeing boat is also highly recommended for taking in spectacular views enjoying a refreshing sea breeze. Some particularly spectacular rock formations can only be viewed from the sea, including the “wave rocks,” a series of rocks that resembles a set of waves coming in from the sea, the “beehive rock,” which resembles a large beehive, and the “lion rock,” which appears like a sitting lion with its front paws perched out. Another option is to take in the spectacular views from Tojinbo Tower, standing 100 meters above sea level and 55 meters above ground level.
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  • Anto, Mikuni-cho, Sakai-shi, Fukui 913-0064 Japan
  • • 40 minutes by Keifuku Bus from the JR Awaraonsen Station, and then a 3 minute walk from the Tojinbo stop
    • 30 minutes from the Hokuriku Expressway Kanazu IC via National Route 305
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