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Trick Art museum
A unique museum where visitors see, touch and take photographs.

Let yourself get completely fooled and give your brain a chance to freshen up!

The Trick Art Museum is located in front of “Takaosanguchi” Station on Keio Takao Line, the base for climbers of Mount Takao. Trick art takes advantage of the perceptual illusions people experience, which make some images appear with depth or present a completely different image depending on the view angle, entertaining visitors with mystical sensations. It is not an ordinary museum and touching and photographing pictures are encouraged here.
There is an exhibit entitled “Mount Takao & Tengu’s Magical Power” on the second floor of the museum, which is a popular spot for photography. First floor down to the basements first and second floors offer exhibits with Egyptian theme, where visitors can take photographs being attacked by a lion or feeding a giraffe. Visitors can become a part of the image to take commemorative pictures.
The museum is supported by the Egyptian Embassy and offers an assortment of Egyptian goods at the museum shop. All these products have been imported directly from Egypt, so that people who forgot to pick up a thing or two during their journey to Egypt apparently will actually come to this museum to pick up some souvenirs. It is also a convenient site to stop by on the way back from hiking Mount Takao. It is a fun facility where people enjoy and interact with art.
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  • 1786 Takaomachi, Hachioji City, Tokyo 193-0844
  • Website
  • 1 min walk from “Takaosanguchi” Station on Keio Takao Line.

Around Trick Art museum

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