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【HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Nakajima Park Annex】Information on traffic restrictions during The Fireworks Festival on July 27th, 2018

June 12, 2018
HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Nakajima Park Annex
Thank you for choosing to stay at HOTEL MYSTAYS Sapporo Nakajima Park Annex. We sincerely appreciate your patronage. 

A fireworks festival will be held in the area on 27th July, 2018 (Friday ). We would like to inform those guests who are planning to arrive at the hotel by car on that day that the some of the surrounding streets will be closed to vehicle traffic during the following time period, while the festival is on. 
Public transport to this area is also expected to be extremely crowded on the festival day. 
We apologize in advance for the considerable inconvenience and trouble to our guests who will arrive at the hotel on that day. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in regard to this matter.

27th July, 2018 (Friday) 
Fireworks start from 7:40pm (for approximately 50 minutes) 
* In the event of bad weather, the festival will be postponed until 10th August, 2018 (Friday)

Between the Toyohiragawa Minami-Ohashi Bridge and Horohira-Bashi Bridge in Sapporo

◆Traffic restrictions◆
• Roads on both sides of Toyohiragawa River, between the Toyohira-Bashi Bridge and Minami 19-jo Ohashi Bridge  18:00 to 22:30 
• Between Hosui-Dori Minami 15-jo Nishi 1 and Minami 9-jo Nishi 2, and other areas  19:30 to 22:30 
The footpath on the upstream side of the Horohira-Bashi Bridge will be closed off

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