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Chiba Port Tower
This iconic tower representing Chiba Port overlooks Tokyo Bay and downtown Chiba

Selected for both the “Night View Heritage of Japan” and “Eight Greatest Night Views of Factories in Japan,” it is one of the must-see places in Chiba Prefecture

Chiba Port Tower is a symbol of Chiba Port, one of the largest international ports in Japan. Built to commemorate Chiba Prefecture’s population surpassing 5,000,000 people, this observation facility opened in 1986 and stands at 125 meters.
Located nearby Makuhari New City with its skyscraper office buildings and hotels, the first artificial beach in Japan Inage no Hama, and the industrial area centered around Chiba Port, it is truly the ideal location for viewing the spectacular sights of Tokyo Bay, such as the Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Wan Aqua-Line Expressway.

The 1st floor is the Port Shop. Here you can buy not only specialty goods from all around Chiba Prefecture but also a wide range of goods including merchandise featuring Chiba Port Tower’s official mascot Port-kun, Chiba Prefecture’s mascot Chiba-kun, and so on. The Sunset Promenade located on the 2nd floor grants a breathtaking 360-degree panoramic view from a height of 105 meters. In April 2014 it was designated a “Lover’s Sanctuary” (a location particularly appealing to couples), so it is especially recommended as a date spot. The third floor is an observation restaurant with a commitment to local production for local consumption. The counter deck, which overlooks Tokyo Bay, allows diners to enjoy a meal while taking in the beautiful scenery. The 4th floor is the View Promenade. Here you can enjoy breathtaking scenery such as the sunset that paints Mount Fuji a brilliant scarlet as it dips beneath the horizon, the downtown area that has been certified as among the “Night View Heritage of Japan,” and one of the “Eight Greatest Night Views of Factories in Japan.” Chiba Port Park Square, located at the foot of the tower, is always abuzz with events like the monthly flea market, as well local people enjoying the relaxing atmosphere.
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  • Inside Port Park, 1 Chuoko, Chuo-ku, Chiba 260-0024
  • Website
  • About 12 minutes on foot from Chibaminato Station on the Chiba Urban Monorail and JR Keiyo Line

Around Chiba Port Tower

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