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Ebino Plateau
A natural treasure trove of the monuments of nature

Stunning seasonal scenery created by the magnificent natural landscape of this energetic volcanic region

The Ebino Plateau is located in the northern part of Kirishima Kinkowan National Park, the first site in Japan to be designated as a national park. The plateau sits at an elevation of 1,200 m on Mt. Kirishima, with beautiful natural scenery, and is also a prominent sightseeing destination used as a starting point for a hike in the Kirishima mountains. The highest peak in the range is Karakuni-dake, southeast of Ebino Plateau: it boasts an elevation of 1,700 m. The name, which means “Korea Peak,” comes from the fact that on clear days you can supposedly see as far as South Korea. Another popular trekking destination is Koshiki-dake, which has an elevation of 1,301 m. At the summit, you can enjoy the sight of caldera lakes, marshy wetlands, and an abundance of fascinating wetlands flora, such as the round-leaved sundew. Spread out at the foot of the mountain is a coniferous forest, which is designated as a natural monument by the Japanese national government.

Ebino Plateau is truly a treasure trove of rich nature. The area is dotted by many caldera lakes, which can only be found in volcanic areas. Rokkannon Miike and Fudoike in particular are strongly acidic due to the volcanic activity. The surfaces of these lakes have a cobalt blue appearance due to their diffusion of reflected light. You can enjoy the spectacular beauty of the four seasons! Between spring and early summer, there is Malus spontanea, which is unique to this region and is registered as a natural monument, and Rhododendron kiusianum (miyama-kirishima in Japanese), which is a symbol of Kirishima. Then, in autumn, you can enjoy the vivid colored leaves and Chinese silver grass, while winter brings the magnificence of the snow-covered mountaintops. There’s also the “Ebino Eco-Museum Center,” which is a museum that introduces the fantastic nature and beauty of the Ebino Plateau, and “Ebino Plateau Camp Village,” which is a popular destination to get away from the summer heat. Tourists throng here year-round to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery.
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  • Suenaga, Ebino-shi, Miyazaki 889-4302
  • About 1 hour by car from Kagoshima Airport IC

Around Ebino Plateau

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