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Mystical and majestic scenery, and the vast nature carved out by volcanic activity

A variety of ways to enjoy the outdoors, from a pleasant drive and easy mountain climbing to real trekking

The expansive 1,613 m-altitude volcanic Hachimantai Plateau boasts majestic mountains and spectacular highlands that extend across the border of Iwate and Akita prefectures. Blessed with the mystical landscapes and hot springs only found in volcanic belts, it is the ideal highland sightseeing area for fully enjoying the great outdoors. The Hachimantai Aspite Line is a driving course that extends approximately 27 km from the Midorigaoka Gate on the Iwate side (in the southeast) to the intersection with National Highway Route 341 in Akita Prefecture (in the northwest). During the winter (from early November to mid-April) the road is completely closed to cars; but once the road opens again, it becomes Japan’s longest corridor of snow - a well known attraction that Hachimantai prides itself on.
Hachimantai has a wide variety of trekking courses for visitors to enjoy the vast nature and superb scenic spots scattered throughout the area. These range from beginner courses that can be easily walked wearing sneakers, to advanced courses for experienced climbers to tackle with the proper equipment. Among them is the walking path around the Mount Hachimantai summit area, which is the typical course recommended for easily enjoying Hachimantai’s nature. The Hachiman Pond right near the summit is the largest in the group of crater lakes and reservoirs, and a symbol of Hachimantai. In the nearby Kagami (Mirror) Pond, an image that looks like a dragon’s eye appears on the water’s surface when the snow melts, but only during the very short period between mid-May to mid-June. This phenomenon, known as the Hachimantai Dragon Eye, is a magical sight for those fortunate enough to see it. The Hachimantai Plateau is a place you will want to visit again and again, as each season brings with it beautiful scenery of corridor of snow in the spring, alpine flora in the summer, autumn foliage in the fall, and frost-covered trees in the winter.
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  • Iwate ; Akita ; Hachimantai
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  • Approximately 40 minutes from the Matsuo-Hachimantai Interchange of the Tohoku Expressway by car
    Approximately 60 minutes from the Kazuno-Hachimantai Interchange of the Tohoku Expressway by car

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