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Himakajima Island
A rejuvenating island trip to enjoy the rich bounty of the sea and experience all nature has to offer

Designated as Mikawa-wan Quasi-National Park, this island is a rich fishing ground and wonderful sightseeing spot

Himakajima Island is situated about two kilometers from Morozaki on the tip of the Chita Peninsula. Easily accessible by high-speed boat or water taxi, this is a great sightseeing spot for a day trip. Measuring about 5.5 kilometers in circumference, visitors can walk around the island in about 2 hours at a leisurely pace. In addition to cycling, walking, and fishing year-round, Himakajima Island is popular for its unique events from spring to summer.

Dolphin Beach is available from May to September each year at Sunset Beach on the west side of the island. During this event you can interact with dolphins in the ocean. Kids’ Adventure is available during summer at Sunrise Beach on the east side. There are plenty of activities where visitors can experience the natural environment of the island, including snorkeling, sea kayaking, and mini surfing. There are also hands-on nature programs including catching an octopus with your bare hands, fishing boat cruising, making dried fish, and trawl net fishing. This is a popular area for rejuvenating and invigorating travel.

Himakajima Island is also blessed with a warm climate and bounteous ocean, making it a treasure trove of fresh seafood year-round. It is particularly well known for octopus, which is available all year, and blowfish caught via longline fishing for over 100 years (available from October to February). The island is well known for these two items, which rhyme with “happiness” and “fortune” in Japanese. Don’t miss the opportunity to visit Himakajima Island, where you can enjoy sweet, soft octopus dishes and luxurious blowfish cuisine in winter at good prices.
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  • Himakajima, Minamichita-cho, Chita-gun, Aichi 470-3504 Japan
  • • About 45 minutes from Meitetsu Nagoya Station on the Meitetsu Kowa Line, about 5 minutes on foot from Kowa Station, about 20 minutes by high-speed boat from Kowa Port
    • About 30 minutes by high-speed boat from Irago Port
    • About 10 minutes via Prefectural Road 7 off the Chita Hanto Road from the Nagoya Expressway Odaka IC or the Minamichita Road Toyooka IC, about 10 minutes by high-speed boat from Morozaki Port

Around Himakajima Island

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