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Inubosaki Lighthouse
A spectacular view of rough waves breaking against the reef at Kanto's easternmost point

The chalk tower standing over the tip of the cape is a tourist attraction symbolic to the Choshi region

Inubosaki is located on the easternmost tip of Kanto, on the Choshi Peninsula. Inubosaki is a cape that projects out into the Pacific Ocean, and forms an abrasion platform surrounded by the sea on three sides. Rough waves break against the shore reef below the precipitous cliff face, creating magnificent views that inspire the imagination. Inubosaki Lighthouse is a chalk tower standing over the tip of the cape. It is a western-style brick lighthouse standing some 32 meters tall, which was built based on a design by the British engineer Richard Henry Brunton in 1874. After climbing the 99-step spiraling staircase, you are greeted with spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Standing next to the lighthouse is the Inubosaki Lighthouse Museum. This museum presents a wide range of materials that provide an insight into the history and cultural value of the Inubosaki Lighthouse, including some of the earliest lenses used by the Inubosaki Lighthouse. The walk that ventures out from the boardwalk below the lighthouse offers close-up views of the breathtaking sea scenery, and is highly recommended.

The lighthouse grounds also feature a round, pure white post box in connection with the chalk lighthouse. Since its establishment on White Day on March 14, 2012, in collaboration with the Choshi Coast Guard Office responsible for the lighthouse and the Choshi Post Office, this mail box has gained popularity as a “post box that calls out for happiness,” “a post box where love is fulfilled,” and as a “post box where wishes are met.” Inubosaki is also renowned for being the part of Japan where you can catch the first glimpses of sunrise, besides mountain peaks and remote islands. At New Year, people flock to the site to celebrate the coming New Year in beautiful surrounds.
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  • 9576 Inubosaki, Choshi-shi, Chiba 288-0012 Japan
  • • 10 minutes on foot from Choshi Electric Railway Inubo Station
    • 70 minutes from the Sawara Katori IC on the Higashi-Kanto Expressway via National Route 124/356
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