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Kochi Castle
The “famed castle of Nankai,” complete with a castle keep preserved from the Edo Period

The symbol of Kochi, built by Yamauchi Kazutoyo, the first lord of the Tosa Domain

The symbol of Kochi, Kochi Castle is located in downtown Kochi. The castle was built in 1601 by the first lord of the Tosa Domain, Yamauchi Kazutoyo, who had Tosa Province bestowed upon him by Tokugawa Ieyasu for his accomplishments at the Battle of Sekigahara. The castle has withstood a number of crises threatening its existence, including fires and earthquakes, the ordinance for the abolishment of castles issued in the Meiji Period, and the Pacific War to remain standing in magnificent splendor as the so-called “famed castle of Nankaido.” Kochi Castle is one of the 12 castles where the castle keep remains to this day, and is the only castle where the architectural work on the main enclosure of the castle has been preserved almost in its entirety. As many as 15 of the structures comprising Kochi Castle, including the castle keep and honmaru-goten (castle palace) are designated as an Important Cultural Property. Kochi Castle is also a popular photo spot, and is one of the few castles where it is possible to frame both the front Ote-mon gate (main gate) and castle keep in a single panoramic shot.

At the base of Kochi Castle is the Kochi Castle Museum of History, which holds a large number of historical materials, resplendent tools used by the feudal lords, and works of art everywhere you look. The surrounding castle ruins give way to a historical park rich in nature, making it an ideal oasis for a relaxing stroll away from the hub-bub of the city. The park also features bronze statues of Yamauchi Kazutoyo, his wife Chiyo, and Itagaki Taisuke, a native of Tosa who led the democratic movement in the Meiji Period.
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  • 1-2-1 Marunouchi, Kochi 780-0850 Japan
  • • About 5 minutes on foot from the Tosaden Kochijo mae Tram Stop
    • About 15 minutes from the Kochi IC on the Kochi Expressway via National Route 32
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