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Kotohiragu Shrine
Climb the long set of steps to worship at Konpira-san

This shrine deifies the god of safe sea voyages, and takes about 30 minutes one-way from the main shrine

Kotohiragu Shrine, affectionately known as “Konpira-san” is a shinto shrine on Mt. Zouzu in Kotohira-cho, Kagawa. The enshrined deity is Omononushi no kami, long known as the god of the sea. The Konpira pilgrimage first gained popularity in the Edo Period, and the shrine still attracts devout worshippers today as the god of safety at sea. The pilgrimage to Kotohiragu Shrine is distinct for the long set of stairs leading to the shrine. There are 785 stone steps on the approach to the main shrine, and a total of 1,368 stone steps to reach the rear shrine, although there are teahouses, restaurants, and rest points along the way.

This long set of stairs is packed with things to see and do, including the Sakura no Baba, a famous 150 meter stone pavement cherry blossom viewing platform, Asahi no Yashiro, an beautiful shrine featuring an exquisite collection of art and craft from the Tempo Period, Masuga Jinja Shrine, which venerates the god of peerless valor in the myth of the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi Sword that felled the Yamata no Orochi serpent, the Mitoshi Jinja Shrine, which enshrines the guardian deity of grain, and the Kotoshiri Jinja Shrine, which deifies the god of prosperous business. Upon arriving at the main shrine, there is an observation platform ahead of you offering expansive views of the Sanuki Plain, with a spectacular panoramic view of the Seto Ohashi Bridge and Sanukifuji. A further 583 steps up lies the rear shrine (officially named Izutama Jinja Shrine). This shrine was built to face in the direction of the main shrine as though it were looking over Konpira-sama, and enshrines Izutamahiko no Mikoto, the founder of the main sect of Kotohira religion.
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  • 892-1 Kotohira-cho, Nakatado-gun, Kagawa 766-0001 Japan
  • • 50 minutes walk from JR Kotohira Station to the main shrine
    • 50 minutes walk from Kotoden-Kotohira Station on the Kotohira Line to the main shrine
    • About 15 minutes from the Zentsuji IC on the Takamatsu Expressway to the entrance to the shrine approach
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