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MOA Museum of Art
An art museum with a view of the sea, built on a hill overlooking Sagami Bay

A popular tourist destination for its exquisite works of art, and beautiful scenery that changes with the season

The MOA Museum of Art features a collection of around 3,500 art works, primarily consisting of paintings, calligraphy, handicrafts and other oriental art. The collection includes three National Treasures “Red and White Plum Blossoms” by Ogata Korin (on display in February each year), “Tea-leaf Jar with a design of wisteria” by Nonomura Ninsei, and “The Calligraphy Album ‘Tekagami Kanboku-jo’,” and 67 Important Cultural Properties. This is a popular tourist destination for both the art works on display, and the beautiful seasonal scenery. Standing on a hillock 250 meters above sea level behind the JR Atami Station, the MOA Museum of Art offers magnificent view of Sagaminada Sea, on which you can spot Hatsushima Island and Izu Oshima Island in conducive weather conditions. The expansive Zuiunkyo garden area spans some 236,400m2, and is home to Someiyoshino trees and azaleas in spring, while golden-banded lilies and Chinese bellflower add a touch of color to the summer green. Atami’s temperate climate offers a chance to experience the red leaves of autumn a little later than anywhere else, while giving the first glimpses of plum blossoms starting to bloom.

There is still plenty to see and do at the Museum. After entering the Museum, ride the long 200 meter escalator up through a series of changing lights to the main building. On the way, you can check out Japan’s largest kaleidoscope mapping in a 20 meter wide dome-shaped circular hall. Also worth seeing is a reconstruction of the Korin Residence, which is where Ogata Korin is thought to have produced a number of his most famous works, using genuine materials, the magnificent Golden Tea Room, which is a faithful reconstruction of the room where Toyotomi Hideyoshi offered tea to Emperor Ogimachi, as well as an authentic Noh theater. The Museum’s Japanese dining area, cafes, or restaurants are a perfect place to enjoy a spot of lunch.
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  • 26-2 Momoyama-cho, Atami City, Shizuoka 413-8511 Japan
  • Website
  • • From the JR Atami Station, board the Tokai Bus at platform 8 to the MOA Museum of Art. The trip should take 7 minutes. • (Get off at the last stop, the Museum will be in the immediate vicinity)
    • About 1 hour from the Atsugi IC on the Tomei Expressway via the Odawara-Atsugi Road (National Route 271), or National Route 135

Around MOA Museum of Art

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