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Nasu Trick Art Museum
One of the largest trick art museums in Japan

Enter into the world of trick art as it relaxes your body and mind

“Trick art” refers to artworks that are full of mischief. Examples include a picture of a window that makes you think there’s actually a window there, or a piece where some of the scenery is jumping out at you. Japan has no shortage of museums featuring trick art like this, but the Trick Art hall at the Nasu Trick Art Museum, which opened in 1992, has a longer history than any other trick art museum in existence. The Nasu Trick Art Museum comprises three halls: Trick Art, Trick Art Labyrinth, and Michelangelo.

The Trick Art hall is a converted boardinghouse. Most of the trick art makes use of the building structures, so it is a fun adventure to try to locate them all. Kids are bound to love the many pieces themed around amusement parks, animals, and aquariums. The “Trick Art Labyrinth” hall has trick art themed around the world of magic. There are also many tricks and quizzes that you can interact with directly—the whole experience is bound to make you lose yourself in the excitement. The Michelangelo hall is themed around the three great masters of the Italian Renaissance: Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael. The artistry of fusing tricks into these masters’ great works is a sight to behold. The Sistine Chapel replica in particular, with its hand-painted images on the walls and ceiling, is the largest in Japan, and will take your breath away. Why not enter into the world of trick art and enjoy a relaxing experience?
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  • 5760 Takakuko, Nasu-cho, Nasu-gun, Tochigi 325-0304
  • About 8 minutes by car from Nasu IC on the Tohoku Expressway

Around Nasu Trick Art Museum

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