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【Art Hotel Hirosaki City】Announcement for renewal open "Chef's Recipe," on 1st March, 2018

February 14, 2018
ART HOTEL Hirosaki City
ART HOTEL HIROSAKI CITY will open the buffet restaurant "Chef's Recipe" after renovation on Thursday, March, 1. With the key phrase "more natural and high quality dishes," we provide a buffet of  healthy dishes which allow you to enjoy the taste of the ingredients. You can taste a wide variety of international cuisines such as regional foods that make the best use of "local production for local consumption," as well as Asian cuisine and healthy Mediterranean foods.
In addition, a completely private room will be newly installed inside the restaurant after renovation, to prepare for reserved use. As many as 48 seats will be available for accommodation, and the room will be equipped with its own restrooms, which ensures an ideal private room suited for various events. As the colors in the interior of the restaurant will be predominantly natural and tailored to the concept of cuisine, the space will be unified with the interior to provide a casual and calm environment.
Cuisine at Chef's Recipe puts a premium on ingredients and cooking methods based on the concept of "delicious, pleasant and healthy." We have considered that vegetables are locally produced, seasonal as well as grown through organic and natural cultivation. Besides, we make sure that they are eaten raw with the rich nutrients intact. For meat and fish, we lessen the fat content with cooking methods like grilling and steaming, and enhance the taste with herbs and spices to bring out the taste of the ingredients. Dishes just out of the oven will be served by the completely remodeled open kitchen.
What makes the beginning of the day enriched with vivid colors is a health-conscious breakfast with plenty of local ingredients, from Japanese cuisine such as regional cuisine and local staple dishes, to healthy Italian cuisine. You can enjoy lunch or dinner according to the monthly menu, by choosing an appetizer, soup, and main dish, as well as dessert, and drinks to your heart's content.
When you come to ART HOTEL HIROSAKI CITY, please take a moment to enjoy a meal at "Chef's Recipe."

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