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Why not buy a bottle of Aomori hard apple cider as a gift for the folks back home?

The same building houses a cider brewery and a market selling a variety of delicious fresh foods.

Aomori is known throughout Japan as the prefecture with the largest apple crop. We produce a wide variety of products made with apples, from juice to jam, and even various pastries and the like. One of the apple products that is currently on the rise in Japan is hard cider (called by the French name cidre), a fizzy alcoholic beverage made from apples. Just an apple’s throw away from the East Exit of JR Aomori Station, A-Factory faces the waterfront and combines the functions of a supermarket selling fresh local foods with a brewery making cider from Aomori apples. The brewery houses eight fermentation tanks, producing a variety of different hard ciders as well as apple soda. Visitors are welcomed to watch the brewing process through a glass panel.
There is an abundance of lovingly prepared local food products available here, from gelato made with “Aoi Mori no Gyunyu” milk—a long time favorite among Aomorians—to rich cakes made with fresh eggs from Tokiwa chickens and much, much more. On the second floor you can find a restaurant specializing in delicious galettes, as well as a tasting bar where you can sample (at a fee) A-Factory original hard cider. Souvenirs from here will be guaranteed to put a smile on the faces of your friends and family back home. Come here for the simply delectable taste of Aomori!
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  • 1-4-2 Yanakawa, Aomori 038-0012
  • Website
  • Immediately accessible from JR Aomori Station.

Around A-Factory

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