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DIC Kawamura Memorial Art Museum
Refresh yourself through appreciation of art and by strolling in nature

A museum where visitors can spend a relaxing time surrounded by art.

This is an art museum exhibiting art pieces collected by DIC, a chemical manufacturer that is involved in a wide range of business operations of various fields, with printing ink as the core business. The collection includes works with rich unique features, such as modern Western art of Impressionists, 20th Century American Art, etc. Each exhibition hall has been designed and sized to create space that best suits the exhibits.
The collection features such masterpieces as the “Portrait of a Man in a Broad-Brimmed Hat” by the virtuoso of 17th century Dutch painters, Rembrandt, as well as the “Water Lilies” by Monet the French Impressionist of France, the “Woman Sitting in a Chair” by Picasso, the “Red Sun” by Chagall and other such impressive works of art. The collection also includes such other works created by Max Ernst, a Surrealist sculptor or Andy Warhol representing art of Europe and America in the Post-second World War Era, as well as modern Japanese art. The large work by Frank Stella leaves unprecedented impression on all visitors.
The grounds feature a natural promenade with a diverse range of trees and flowers that encounter wild birds and insects to capture the feel of the changing seasons. There is also a restaurant, a tea room and a museum shop to complete a museum where visitors can spend a relaxing time surrounded by art.
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  • 631 Sakado, Sakura, Chiba Pref. 285-8505
  • Website
  • Approx 20 min by free shuttle bus from Sakura Station on JR Line

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