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Momijidani Suspension Bridge
A vast, 360-degree panorama of the beautiful Shiobara Valley

A 320-meter suspension bridge: pedestrian-only, among the largest in Japan

This 320-meter suspension bridge, spanning the Shiobara Reservoir, is a pedestrian-only bridge and among the largest in Japan. The Momijidani Suspension Bridge is a non-stiffened girder suspension bridge whose strength is increased by stretching the wire rope horizontally, and it is one of the largest bridges of this type on all of Honshu. All around you is the fantastic scenery of the Shiobara Valley. If you look out on the fantastic scenery from the bridge, you can enjoy a beautiful 360-degree panorama that showcases all the beauty of the four seasons, from fresh greenery to autumn leaves to a snowy landscape. As a “Lover’s Sanctuary” recognized among Japanese tourist destinations as a romantic spot suitable for wedding proposals, it is also a great spot for dates. We also recommend you take a commemorative photograph in front of the symbolic monument that takes as its motif the majestic mountain hawk-eagle, a rare bird native to the mountains of this region, or on the delightful heart-shaped bench.
Mori no Eki (“Forest Station”) is a shop and restaurant located at the entrance to the Momijidani Suspension Bridge. It has a gift shop where you can find local Shiobara specialties and souvenirs such as food and sundries, and a direct sales counter where you can find wild vegetables, farmed vegetables, fruits, and more, delivered straight from the growing area—it’s perfect for shopping. On top of a fast food restaurant offering a wide selection of seasonal soft-serve ice cream and other delicacies, the popular Mori no Eki Restaurant is an open-air café with terrace seating, allowing visitors to enjoy a relaxing meal as they gaze out on the spectacular natural scenery.
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  • 1425-60 Sekiya, Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi 329-2801
  • Website
  • About 30 minutes from Nasushiobara Station by JR Bus bound for Shiobara Onsen

Around Momijidani Suspension Bridge

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