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At 60 meters, one of the largest foot bath facilities in Japan

An interactive bathing experience using real hot spring water and allowing you to enjoy a strolling garden with a central pond

Yupponosato is an interactive hot spring experience with one of the largest foot baths in Japan. Foot baths, unlike full-body baths, prevent bloating by only having the bather knee-deep in the water, making them a warm bath method that can be easily enjoyed by anyone. By stimulating blood circulation in the legs and feet, it strengthens the immune system. This has health benefits such as preventing joint pain and colds, as well as cosmetic benefits such as reducing swelling, in addition to reducing symptoms such as fatigue and stress. The foot bath corridor is 60 meters long and 1.5 meters wide, and uses hot water straight from the hot spring. Visitors can enjoy a pleasant stroll while feeling the stimulation in the soles of their feet from the pebbles embedded in the floor, or sit on a bench and chat—why not take the time to do as you please? In the middle of the foot bath corridor is “Kagami-ike” (Mirror Pond), a hot spring pond that reflects Shiobara’s sensational seasonal scenery like a mirror. Enjoy an exquisite foot bath as you gaze upon the scenery reflected on the perfectly clear water surface.
And it’s not just the foot bath—the same facility’s strolling garden with a central pond will allow you to enjoy the flowers and trees of each season. There are countless attractions, such as a hot waterfall that utilizes the site’s difference in elevation and cascades down from Kagami-ike, and a walkway with detailed exhibits on Shiobara Onsen’s history, its source springs, and more. And then there’s the Insendo, where you can partake of hot spring water drawn straight from the source: it is truly possible to enjoy the hot spring both outside and inside your body! This is a popular sightseeing destination at Nasushiobara, visited by some 60,000 people annually.
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  • 602-1 Shiobara, Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi 329-2921
  • Website
  • About 100 minutes, traveling north along Route 4 from JR Utsunomiya Station, then turning left onto Route 400

Around Yupponosato

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